Certify Your Welder With Us

Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ)


A Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) is a test certificate that shows whether a welder possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to perform the specifications of a particular weld procedure. MEITI conducts destructive and non-destructive tests on a weld coupon provided by the welder to determine whether the welder is capable of producing a good weld quality using the welding processes, materials and prescribed procedures. Upon passing the procedure requirements, a welder is given a qualification record (WPQR) specific to the procedure weld variables.The scope of the WPQ test varies depending on the weld procedure, but it generally involves non-destructive and destructive testing.

Institutional Welder ID


After successful completion of welding and Non Distractive /Distractive test result the Institutional welder Performance Qualification Record (WPQR) with Welder ID will be provided with Certified Welding Inspector Seal from AWS-CWI .The certificate validity is indefinite provided that the employer verifies the welder’s skills every six (6) months. This is to ensure that the welder is performing the same welding as he has been originally tested for, and is still producing the same quality of weld. Those who fail to renew their welder id before the expiration of validity has to be re qualified.

AWS Welder ID


After successful completion of welding and Non Distractive /Distractive test result with all relevant documents MEITI will send to American Welding Society (AWS) certification department in the USA for evaluation. If the organization finds your qualification test results and documents satisfactory, the candidate’s will receive the welder Performance Qualification Record (WPQR) bearing the AWS name and logo, and indicating your range of qualification.

Your certification remains valid as long as you submit your certification maintenance forms every six months as required by the Code of Acceptance that governed your test. As long as you can have it verified on the maintenance form that you are still performing the same welding as you originally tested for, your certification remains in effect.

A 30 day administrative extension period is allowed. During this time your certification will be considered as expired. If the renewal is submitted past the (30) day extension, and within (160) days of the expiration date on file, an additional late renewal fee will be processed. After (160) days, the welder certification cannot be renewed.