Management Training Courses

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a different way of thinking, and new type of leaders and managers—innovative leader and a manager with creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

MEITI Management Training Programs will provide you with a foundational understanding of people management, strategy, finance, marketing and business operations, and the way how these functions integrate for organizational success. You will gain key insights from experts in each field and sharpen your communication and decision-making to employ an integrated approach to the management of your business. Every aspect of our training focuses on practical performance development, and equips you with a complete framework to understand the complexity and interrelation of management challenges across your organization that can be immediately applied in your workplace.

Our Approach to Customized Solutions, starts with your desired impact and will be tailored to your organization’s unique context. We partner with our clients and work collaboratively to discover your real needs, and design together an integrated approach to deliver real organizational impact.

Organizational Skills
Management Skills for New Managers
Management Skills for Supervisors
Human Resources Management
Leadership Skills
Entrepreneurial Thinking for Business Success
Conflict Management
Project Management
Creative Problem Solving
Negotiation Skills (Basic)
Negotiation Skills (Advanced)
Public Relations & Media
Employee Motivation
Talent Management
Business & Proposal Writing
Meeting & Time Management
Quality Management
Quality Management Auditing
OSHA Industrial Safety & Health
Waste Management