Welding Training Courses

Welding training course provides Technical understanding of welding, safety, welding power sources, electrodes classifications and selections with a goal of ensuring equipment reliability. The course covers also training to develop the skills necessary to make quality weld in various welding processes such as SMAW,GTAW,GMAW,FCAW with different positions such as Fillet and/or Groove .The course discusses filler metal identification and selection, Reviews key elements of welding procedures and qualifications, and provides guidance for field applied heat treatments with a thorough. The course also reviews the criteria for deposition of successful weld overlays, discusses defects common to welding processes, and gives instruction on the use and interpretation of welding symbols. Welding course Can provide training on purging and shielding gasses along with an overview of temper bead welding and hot tapping applications.

AWS S.E.N.S.E (Schools Excelling though National Skill Standards Education) Program – Welder Skill Training
  • Level I – Entry
  • Level II – Advanced
  • Level III – Expert
* Four Major Welding Processes: SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW
Certified Welding Inspection (CWI) preparation course
Welding technology for basic welding process
WPS, PQR, WPQ Overview &Preparation and Electrodes Selection
Welding Metallurgy and Heat Treatment
Material Testing Evaluations
Material Selection, Receiving and Review of Mill Test Certificates.
Visual Welding Inspection
Arc Welding & Quality Control.